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 Antique White Porcelain Casting Slip

Product ID: NS-124
Title: Antique White Porcelain Casting Slip
Category: Clay
Weight: 16.00

Laguna Clay

There is a difference!

All Laguna clay bodies are carefully and stringently formulated, mixed, pugged and TESTED to assure proper performance, high quality, and consistency. These procedures apply to all of our stock formulations under the Laguna Label.
When quality matters.. Ask for Laguna Clay.
Provided here is a list of the clay that we stock. All Clay should be picked up or sent by motor freight, unless being delivered by our truck. Our casting slips cannot be sent by Fed ex or UPS.

Earthenware Clay - Low Fire Cone 04 - 06
EM103 Low Fire White Clay
A smooth, plastic, white body with a small percentage of talc to create an optimum glaze fit. EM103 is very popular among production potters and is also excellent for hand building. Its "forgiving" nature has also made EM103 a white clay choice for many teachers.

EM107 Low Fire Red Clay
EM107 is smooth, plastic, terra cotta colored clay for wheel throwing and excellent for hand building with a fine grog added for slightly less shrinkage and improved workability. Fires to a rich terra cotta red.

Mid-Range Cone 5 - 6 Clay
WC401 - B-Mix Cone 5 Clay
A premier, cream-white, throwing clay with a smooth porcelain texture is a pleasure to throw and form, and it fires to a cream color in oxidation. Avg. Shrinkage 2±% 12.0% Avg. Water Absorption 1±% 2.75%

WC403 Speckled Buff Cone 5 Clay

This Clay body was specifically formulated by request from Midwest and Eastern U.S. potters. It is Low in sand and grog content, speckled buff is smooth textured. An excellent throwing body. The color palette is perhaps best described as 'desert' or 'Southwest'. Fired in oxidation, Speckled Buff falls into the tan/brown color range.

Avg. Shrinkage 2±% 12% Avg. Water Absorption 1±% 3%

WC608 Speckled Tan Clay - Cone 5 Clay

This clay is compounded to be a stoneware clay with specks that bleed through the glaze, giving the appearance of iron burning through, typical of reduction glazes and clays. A very popular throwing clay for production potters who want to add the speck dimension to their ware. Neutral Glazes are not altered by clay body.
Cone:6 Wet Color: Gray Fire Color Oxidation: Speckled Tan Reduction: N/A Texture: Slightly Coarse Consistency: Standard Avg. Shrinkage 2±% 10.9% Avg. Water Absorption 1±% 1.7%

WC611 # 70 - Cone 5 Clay

A very plastic throwing clay, dark in color, featuring heavy specking. Creates excellent glaze effects with dark gray color and specks. Cone:6 Wet Color: Brown F ire Color Oxidation: Brown w/ Specks Reduction: N/A Texture: Slightly Coarse Consistency: Standard

Avg. Shrinkage 2±% 12.5% Avg. Water Absorption 1±% 1.35%

WC613 #80 - Cone 5 Clay
Versatile, medium textured throwing body that fires to red/brown in oxidation, very plastic for throwing.

Cone:6 Wet Color: Red/Brown Fire Color Oxidation: Red/Brown Reduction: N/A Texture: Smooth Consistency: Standard

Avg. Shrinkage 2±% 14.0% Avg. Water Absorption 1±% 0.5%

WC616 #15 Translucent Porcelain - Cone 5 Clay
Translucent porcelain. An excellent grolleg body for throwing thin pieces.

Avg. Shrinkage 2±% 14.9% Avg. Water Absorption 1±% 0.09%

WC635 Raku - Cone 5 Clay

Heavily grogged raku clay formulated to resist thermal shock. Works well under the toughest conditions.

EM217 Non-Firing White Clay
This clay has been specifically formulated to be a very smooth, slow drying clay for modeling.

It is used primarily by design studios and the entertainment industry for modeling, design, mock-up and tooling. Not formulated to be fired.

Porcelain Liquid Casting Slip – Cone 6

NS-124 - Antique White Porcelain Casting Slip
The Antique White porcelain casting slip offers more of a "cameo white" look than cool whites.

NS125 - Very White Porcelain Casting Slip
A bright, cool white colored porcelain casting slip for slip casting; but not a "blue" white.

Mackie’s Low-Fire Casting Slip – Cone 06
We stock Mackie, low-fire casting slip. It comes pre-mixed in conveniently packaged 2-gallon boxes that weigh approximately 30 pounds a box. It is certified Non-Toxic and fires to a Cone 04 and is white in color.

When Fired, Mackie’s Casting Slip will be white in color.
Clay Prices   25lbs 100 lbs 300 lbs 500 lbs 1000 lbs 1500 lbs
EM103   .60 .54 .48 .5 .40 .39
EM107 .66 .60 .54 .51 .46 .45
WC401 .62 .56 .50 .47 .42 .42
WC608 .63 .57 .51 .48 .43 .42
WC611 .66 .60 .54 .51 .46 .45
WC613 .63 .57 .51 .48 .42 .41
WC616 .96 .90 .84 .81 .76 .75
WC635 .67 .61 .55 .52 .47 .46
EM217 .66 .60 .54 .51 .46 .45
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