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 Studio Kits
Are you interested in opening up your own "Paint Your Own Pottery Ceramic Studio"?
Studio Start Up Package
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    We often get request asking for a Studio Start Up Package. We know that a one size fits all package is very un-realistic which is why we assist you in creating your own custom start up package designed to meet your Studio needs. However, due to the increase in these type of request, we have put together a very attractive New Studio Start Up Package that we feel meets the needs of the majority of new Contemporary Ceramic Studios that are wanting to open. This package has been broken down into five mini packages for easy accounting purposes. We will gladly assist you and work with with you in creating a Studio Start Up Package that will meet your needs.

This Package Total Price: $13,950.00
Click on a category below to view that portion of the studio package.
Bisque Package #1
Liberty Bisque
LB1001 8.5" Rim Plate (24)
LB1002 10.5" Rim Plate (24)
LB1003 12.5" Rim Plate (12)
LB1004 9.5" Rim Bowl (12)
LB1005 16" Rim Platter (6)
LB1007 13.8" Rim Plate (12)
LB2005 8.5" Coupe Bowl (12)
LB2010 8" Coupe Plate (24)
LB2011 9-3/4" Coupe Plate (24)
LB2012 11-3/4" Coupe Plate (12)
LB2013 13.5" Coupe Plate (6)
LB2014 15.5" Coupe Plate (6)
LB3001 Flat Oval Platter (6)
LB3002 Oval Serving Dish (6)
LB3003 Oval Serving Dish (6)
LB3004 (6)
LB3005 (6)
LB3007 Sm. Flat Oval Rim Platter (6)
LB3008 Med. Flat Oval Rim Platter (6)
LB3010 Oval Rim Platter (6)
LB3011 Oval Rim Platter (6)
LB3012 Wide Oval Rim Platter (6)
LB4001 Square Rim Platter (6)
LB4002 Bread Plate (6)
LB4003 13" Pizza Platter (12)
LB4005 Rectangular Tray (12)
LB4010 9.5" Square Plate (12)
LB4011 10.5" Square Plate (12)
LB4012 8" Square Plate (12)
LB4025 Chip n Dip Bowl (6)
LB5001 Small Mixing Bowl (6)
LB5002 Med. Mixing Bowl (6)
LB5003 Lg. Mixing Bowl (6)
LB5004 Extra Lg. Mixing Bowl (6)
LB5005 Large Popcorn (6)
LB5008 Sm. Nesting Bowl (6)
LB5009 Med. Nesting (6)
LB5010 Lg. Nesting Bowl (6)
LB5013 Rd. Pasta Bowl / Platter (6)
LB5017 Sm. Rim Serving Dish (6)
LB5018 Med. Rim Serving Dish (6)
LB5019 Lg. Serving Dish (6)
LB5021 Ice Cream Bowl (12)
LB6017 Small Mug (12)
LB6018 Med. Mug (24)
LB6020 Round Mug (12)
LB6021 Sm. Barrel Mug (12)
LB6022 Perfect Mug (12)
LB6023 Tall Cone / Flare Mug (12)
LB6024 Beer Mug (12)
LB6025 Espresso Cup (12)
LB6026 Espresso Sauce (12)
LB7004 Spoon Rest (6)
5x7 Picture Frame w/glass & Easel (6)
4x6 Picture Frame w/glass & Easel (6)
2x3 Picture Frame w/glass & Easel (6)
PB101 Switch Plate (6)
PB102 Outlet Cover (6)
PB103 Double Switch Plate (6)
PB104 Triple Switch Plate (6)
PB105 Combo Switch Plate (6)
6" One Sided Tiles (100)
4-1/4" One Sided Tiles (100)
Mayco Bisque
MB001 Round, Star, Heart Box (12)
MB002 Pet Dish (8)
MB106 Ruffle Ware Salad Plate (12)
MB107 Ruffle Ware Dinnerware Plate (12)
MB108 Ruffle Ware Sugar Bowl (8)
MB109 Ruffle Ware Creamer (8)
MB110 Ruffle Ware Mug (12)
MB111 Ruffle Ware Bowl (8)
MB112 Ruffle Ware Plate (12)
MB116 Wine Cooler (6)
MB117 Ruffle Teapot (6)
MB118 Ruffle Salt & Pepper (6)
MB119 Ruffle Pedestal Mug (12)
MB120 Ruffle Two Section Server (6)
MB121 Ruffle Round Platter (3)
MB122 Venti Latte Cup (12)
MB123 Pottery Mug (12)
MB124 Ruffle Ware Square Platter ()
MB125 Ruffle Ware Biscotti Jar (4)
MB126 Ruffle Ware Crudite Server (6)
MB600 Curious Cat (4)
MB643 Summer Sandal Box (12)
MB644 Skateboard Box (12)
MB649 Cute Car Bank (8)
MB668 Small Fish (24)
MB670 Sharky Box (12)
MB671 Small Flip Flops (12)
MB678 Cross Box (12)
MB714 Medium Gecko (8)
MB722 Lip Box (12)
MB723 Crown Box (6)
MB724 Lg. Butterfly Angel Box (12)
MB727 Castle Box (12)
MB750 Wine Bottle Trivet (6)
MB762 Sm. Frogs (24)
MB767 Purse Box (12)
MB781 Vertical Surf Board (12)
MB782 Quad Box (12)
MB785 Slick Snake (12)
MB791 Santa Dish (6)
MB792 Snowman Dish (6)
MB793 Merry Xmas Dish (6)
MB828 Snappy Purse Bank (6)
MB833 Bustiere Frame (12)
MB834 Bustiere Container (12)
MB835 Maisy Cat Bank (12)
MB836 Tiny Colt (12)
MB837 Dizzy Dog Bank (12)
MB838 Butterfly Angel (12)
MB839 Football Cell Phone Holder (12)
MB840 Mermaid Box (12)
MB841 High Heel Cell Phone Holder (12)
MB842 Precious Pony (12)
MB859 Small Boots Planter (6)
MB860 Snail Dish (6)
MB861 Turtle Dish (6)
MB862 Frog Dish (6)
MB863 Butterfly Dish (6)
MB864 Cup Cake Dish (6)
MB865 Christmas Ornament Box (6)
MB866A Cross Ornament (12)
MB866B Star Ornament (12)
MB867 3" Ball Ornament (12)
MB868 4" Ornament Ball (12)
MB869 Cup Cake Box (6)
MB870 Ice Cream Cone Box (6)
MB871 Raised Strap Flip Flop Box (6)
MB872 Party Hat Box (6)
MB873 Cowboy Boot (6)
MB874 Sheriff Badge Box (6)
MB875 Cowboy Hat Box (6)
MB876 Frisky Frogs (12)
MB877 Playful Puppies (12)
MB878 Curious Kittens (12)
MB880 Dressy Dress Vases (12)
MB882 Rectangle Tray (6)
MB883 Retro Round Purse Container (6)
MB884 Trendy Purse Triangle Container (6)
MB886 Martini Chip & Dip (3)
MB887 Waffle Cone (12)
ADD317 Sm. Assorted Seashell(12)
ADD409 Tree Assortment(12)
ADD496 Candy Cane Assortment(12)
ADD603 Med. Grape Cluster(12)
ADD636 Sm. Cupcake(12)
ADD721 Med. Flip Flops w/Flowers(12)
ADD820 Sm. Baby Foot Print(12)
ADD839 Sm. Martini Glass(12)
ADD843 Sm. Heart(12)
ADD973 Cross(12)
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