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 Studio Kits
Are you interested in opening up your own "Paint Your Own Pottery Ceramic Studio"?
Studio Start Up Package
We make it easy!
Studio consultation also available.
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    We often get request asking for a Studio Start Up Package. We know that a one size fits all package is very un-realistic which is why we assist you in creating your own custom start up package designed to meet your Studio needs. However, due to the increase in these type of request, we have put together a very attractive New Studio Start Up Package that we feel meets the needs of the majority of new Contemporary Ceramic Studios that are wanting to open. This package has been broken down into five mini packages for easy accounting purposes. We will gladly assist you and work with with you in creating a Studio Start Up Package that will meet your needs.

This Package Total Price: $13,950.00
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Color Package
Mayco 8oz. Stroke n Coats - 3 of Each
SC01 Pink-A-Boo
SC02 Melon-Choly
SC03 Wine About It
SC04 Salsa
SC05 Tiger Tail
SC06 Sunkissed
SC07 Leapin' Lizard
SC08 Just Froggy
SC09 Jaded
SC10 Teal Next Time
SC11 Blue Yonder
SC12 Moody Blue
SC13 Grapel
SC14 Java Bean
SC15 Tuxedo
SC16 Cotton Tail
SC17 Cheeky Pinky
SC18 Rosey Posey
SC20 Birthday Suit
SC22 Carrot Top
SC23 Jack O'Lantern
SC24 Dandelion
SC25 Crackerjack
SC26 Green Thumb
SC27 Sour Apple
SC28 Blue Isle
SC29 Blue Grass
SC30 Blue Dawn
SC31 The Blues
SC32 Bluebeard
SC33 Fruit of the Vine
SC34 Down to Earth
SC35 Gray Hare
SC36 Irish Luck
SC37 Ivory Tower
SC39 Army Surplus
SC40 Blueberry Hill
SC41 Brown Cow
SC42 Butter Me Up
SC43 Lettuce Alone
SC45 My Blue Heaven
SC46 Rawhide
SC48 Camel Back
SC50 Orange Ya Happy
SC51 Poo Bear
SC52 Toad-aly Green
SC53 Purple Haze
SC54 Vanilla Dip
SC55 Yella Bout It
SC58 501 Blues
SC60 Silver Lining
SC63 Popeye's Favorite
SC65 Peri-Twinkle
SC70 Pink-A-Dot
SC71 Purple Licious
SC72 Grape Jelly
SC73 Candy Apple Red
SC74 Hot Tamale
SC75 Orange A Peel
SC76 Cara-bein Blue
SC77 Glo Worm
SC78 Lime Light
SC79 It's Sage
SC80 Basketball
Mayco 16oz. Speckled Stroke N Coats - 1 of Each
SP201 Speckled Pink-A-Boo
SP202 Speckled Melon-Choly
SP203 Speckled Wine About It
SP204 Speckled Salsa
SP205 Speckled Tiger Tail
SP206 Speckled Sunkissed
SP210 Speckled Teal Next Time
SP211 Speckled Blue Yonder
SP212 Speckled Moody Blue
SP213 Speckled Grapel
SP215 Speckled Tuxedo
SP216 Speckled Cotton Tail
SP223 Speckled Jack O'Lantern
SP226 Speckled Green Thumb
SP227 Speckled Sour Apple
SP231 Speckled The Blues
SP241 Speckled Brown Cow
SP245 Speckled My Blue Heaven
SP253 Speckled Purple Haze
SP254 Speckled Vanilla Dip
SP260 Speckled Silver Lining
SP270 Speckled Pink-A-Dot
SP274 Speckled Hot Tamale
Duncan 1.25oz. French Dimensions - Assorted Qty.
  FD254 Black Licorice (6)
FD258 Pure White (6)
FD265 French Straw (3)
FD266 French Papaya (3)
FD267 French Scarlet (3)
FD268 French Wine (3)
FD269 French Plum (3)
FD270 French Delpt (3)
FD271 French Kiwi (3)
FD272 French Briarwood (3)
FD273 Taupe (3)
FD274 Light Pink (3)
FD275 Neon Blue (3)
FD276 Neon Chartreuse (3)
FD277 Neon Coral (3)
FD278 French Really Red (6)
FD279 French Navy (3)
FD280 French Hunter (3)
FD281 French Lavender (3)
Dipping Glaze C-109 - 3 Gallon Bucket - Qty 5
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